Weekly Seminar TAMIDS Monday 1.50-2.40

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3-9-2021Sivaranjani: Data Driven learning and control of large-scale infrastructure networks with provable guaranteesTAMU2.00-3.00
2-19-2021Christos Papadimitriou: Distinguished Lecture: Language, Brain and ComputationColumbia University1-2 PMVirtual
10-18-2021David Donoho: Distinguished Lecture: ScreeNOT: Exact MSE-Optimal singular value thresholding in correlated noiseStanford University1-2 PMVIRTUAL
09-18-2020Anuj Srivastava: Functional and Shape Data AnalysisFlorida State University1:00-4:00 p.m.VIRTUAL
09-09-2020Emmannuel Candes: Distinguished Lecture: Conformal Prediction in 2020 Stanford University1-2 PMVirtual
09-06-2019Conference on advances in data science; Theory, Methods and ComputationTAMUclick here
06-16-2021Sutanoy Dasgupta: An Approximate Bayesian approach to covariate dependent graphical modelingTAMU1-2 PMVirtual
06-02-2021Josiah park: Approximation power of neural nets and optimization of interaction energiesTAMU1-2 PMVirtual
04-08-2021Peng Zhao: Message passing and Minimax optimality for Dynamic ModelsTAMU1-2 PMVirtual
03-21-2021Kung-Chin-Ling: Approximation Power od Deep Neural NetworksTAMU1-2 PMVirtual

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