Executive Committee
Carroll, Ramond
Chair: Raymond Carroll - Statistics

Research Interests: Measurement Error Model, Non-Parametric and Semi-Parametric Regression and Functional Data Analysis

Anirban Bhattacharya - Statistics

Research Interests: Intersection of Theory, Methods, and Algorithms for Large-Scale Modern Bayesian Inference Problems

Yu Ding - Industrial and Systems Engineering

Research Interests: Data and Quality Science, and Wind Energy and Manufacturing Informatics

Simon Foucart - Mathematics

Research Interests: Computational Approximation Theory in High Dimensions, Compressive Sensing

Shuiwang Ji - Computer Science

Research Interests: Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Vision and Language, Computational Biology, Computational Neuroscience

Dileep Kalathil - Electrical and Computer Engineering

Research Interests: Theory: Reinforcement Learning, Control Theory, and Game Theory. Applications: Intelligent Transportation Systems, Renewable Energy Systems, Cyber-Physical Systems

Krishna Narayanan - Electrical and Computer Engineering

Research Interests: Probabilistic Graphical Models and Inference, Massive Multiple Access and the Internet of Things, Signal Processing Algorithms for Big Data, and Information Theory.

Debdeep Pati - Statistics

Research Interests: Bayesian Theory and Methods for Complex Objects, Statistical and Computational Guarantees for Approximate Bayes Methods, Applications in Nuclear Physics, Connectomics

Raymond Wong - Statistics

Research Interests: Statistical Problems with Modern Data Complications, Large Dimensionality and Manifold Structures

Le Xie - Electrical and Computer Engineering

Research Interests: Modeling and Control of Electric Energy Systems, Integration of Renewable Variable Energy Resources, Design and Optimization of Competitive Power Systems, Theory and Application of Cyber-Physical Energy Systems

Petrova, Guergana Circle
Guergana Petrova - Mathematics

Research Interests: PDE and Approximation Theory, Nonlinear Approximation, Hyperbolic PDE's, Conservation Laws, Numerical Quadrature on Balls in R^n

Qian, Xiaoning Circle
Xiaoning Qian - Electrical and Computer Engineering

Research Interests: Analysis and Intervention in Biological Networks, Functional Data Analysis on Genomic and Proteomic Datasets